STOP Djvu Decryption

In order to decrypt some of your files, we need some encrypted files and their originals.
Specifically, these file pairs need to meet the following requirements:

[1] E.g. files you downloaded from the Internet that were encrypted, documents sent via email, default wallpapers shipped with Windows, a copy from a flash drive, etc.
[2] For example: to decrypt PNG files, we need an encrypted PNG file and its original. Additional conditions may apply, depending on the file format.

Notice: this service does not support the "New" variants that use RSA encryption.
If your files were encrypted after August 2019, chances are it is the "New" version.

Frequent Questions

What if my files are too big to upload?
Please contact our support team, and we will be able to assist you with an alternative method.
What will you do with the files I upload?
User privacy is a major concern for us. We will only use the files provided to us in order to attempt to provide a way of decrypting some of your files. Once this has been done, the files are immediately deleted from our servers. No personal information is stored.
What extensions are supported?
This service currently supports:
.shadow, .djvu, .djvur, .djvuu, .udjvu, .uudjvu, .djvuq, .djvus, .djvur, .djvut, .pdff, .tro, .tfude, .tfudet, .tfudeq, .rumba, .adobe, .adobee, .blower, .promos, .promoz, .promorad, .promock, .promok, .promorad2, .kroput, .kroput1, .pulsar1, .kropun1, .charck, .klope, .kropun, .charcl, .doples, .luces, .luceq, .chech, .proden, .drume, .tronas, .trosak, .grovas, .grovat, .roland, .refols, .raldug, .etols, .guvara, .browec, .norvas, .moresa, .vorasto, .hrosas, .kiratos, .todarius, .hofos, .roldat, .dutan, .sarut, .fedasot, .berost, .forasom, .fordan, .codnat, .codnat1, .bufas, .dotmap, .radman, .ferosas, .rectot, .skymap, .mogera, .rezuc, .stone, .redmat, .lanset, .davda, .poret, .pidom, .pidon, .heroset, .boston, .muslat, .gerosan, .vesad, .horon, .neras, .truke, .dalle, .lotep, .nusar, .litar, .besub, .cezor, .lokas, .godes, .budak, .vusad, .herad, .berosuce, .gehad, .gusau, .madek, .darus, .tocue, .lapoi, .todar, .dodoc, .bopador, .novasof, .ntuseg, .ndarod, .access, .format, .nelasod, .mogranos, .cosakos, .nvetud, .lotej, .kovasoh, .prandel, .zatrov, .masok, .brusaf, .londec, .krusop, .mtogas, .nasoh, .nacro, .pedro, .nuksus, .vesrato, .masodas, .cetori, .stare, .carote
What if my extension is not listed above?
Your files were likely encrypted by the "New" variant that uses RSA encryption, and cannot be decrypted at this time.
However, we recommend trying the decryptor as-is on your files, as some files might be decryptable if they were encrypted by an offline key that we have.